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It's definitely one of the most unique games I've played in a while. Although most of the time I felt like a third wheel, I enjoyed it a lot and I am sure you will also enjoy it if of course you answer the questions of the  "narrator" correctly. Have fun! 😜

I hope Jakob will play this!

If you're not Jakob, I'd recommend you to give it a try anyway. I'm not sure how far you'll manage to go, but this is an original concept with a very personal story and there are multiple secrets to find.

Hey I found Jakobs homepage, looks pretty abandoned but maybe you can try to contact him there?

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i tried to play, but i couldn't because when i opened the game my computer got a black screen and i had to press alt+f4. Moderator fix this pls.
Btw, the game is apparently cool

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Sorry to hear that, could you tell me which version of Windows you are using so I can try to debug it?
Also, can you try to press TAB and see if a menu pops up? Maybe the brightness is just too low?  It might also just take a bit to load, maybe wait a minute? 

If nothing works you could try the browser version here

My version of WIndows is 10 (about my brightness, she is high all the time), i will try to press TAB to see this and wait a minute too.
if this unlocks the game i'll let you know

thanks, I will try to test it on other PCs over the weekend. If nothing works, please just use the web version :) 

Ok :)